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May 19, 2007

The Sorrows of Empire: A Review

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In “The Sorrows of Empire,” Chalmers Johnson displays the expansionist agenda that has been at work since Theodore Roosevelt was undersecretary of the Navy. The United States of America has become a militarized culture. Although, it only consists of a minority of Americans, the expansion of the military and acquisition of positions of power of the Military-Industrial-Oil elites into the highest levels of office, our relatively peaceful existence and democratic processes have been put in jeopardy by those who would claim to protect our lives and our freedoms.

It is obvious that our military has become bureaucracy. And like all bureaucracy it seeks to expand its power, increase its size, regardless of the goals it was originally founded to solve. The sad fact of the matter is there has been no peace dividend since the end of the cold war and collapse of the Soviet Union. Our world is not made safer because of our military, but rather our military is creating new enemies for us to fight.

I do not feel that the majority of Americans support the tyranny of our government in foreign lands, which historically has been the only moderately successful way of quelling the rebellions. The United States government has succeeded so far because of the secrecy, ignorance, and blind faith of the American people, that and the belief that the government does what it says it does for the reasons it gives for doing so.

I don’t have much faith that American citizens will wake up and realize the government sponsored tyranny abroad. Americans have had countless opportunities, but even the suggestion that Americans today are paying for the sins of the government of the past is extremely unpopular. I guess it is enough for most people to believe that the world hates us for our prosperity and freedom, which is to say out of jealousy. Well, they are evil-doers and doers of evil after all. But, please don’t mention that some of Republican presidential candidates expressed that they would use torture. Mitt Romney said he wanted to double the size of Guantanamo, a military prison with no oversight where no law seems to apply. When do we go from tough to sadistic?

I guess that fictional, simpler world work well enough if you believe in your unquestioned superiority and strongly held conviction that the rest of the world, or at least large parts of it, are utterly backward and probably genetically stupid.


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