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June 14, 2007

On Globalization

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Globalization is sometimes perceived as a new phenomenon, or that we are in a new phase of economic history along side such declarations as “the world is now flat,” a ploy on Washington Irving’s lie about what Christopher Columbus set out to prove.

I cannot think of a distinguishing characteristic between the current socio-economic situations and those of the colonial era.  The only thing that has truly changed are merely the players.  It is now the American government guaranteeing the profits of American companies (usually incestuously related) in Iraq, compared with the British government guaranteeing the profits for the British East India Company in the American colonies.

The American government, at home and abroad, uses its monopoly of force to guarantee profits.  At home, it does it directly in the form of taxation to funnel money into corporations.  Abroad, it uses its military might and intelligence resources to bring advantageous conditions to a particular (usually strategic) geo-political area, whether it is Panama, for a canal the US wants built, or Iran to guarantee continued unfettered access to oil.

In these respects, globalization is nothing new.  However, I believe the only way to achieve true peace is through application of moral principles and collective action.  Corporations are fundamentally amoral institutions and therefore will more likely lead to our destruction rather than our salvation.  For that matter, what are moral principles other than agreed on rules to guarantee mutual cooperation?  Fear and compulsion only work as long as the threat is creditable and are fundamentally unstable; morality, by definition is stable, so long as the majority ensure that power does not get misplaced.


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