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July 1, 2007

Hans Reiser

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Hans Reiser is a programmer that created a journaling file-system named after himself, reiserfs, for Linux. When I first learned of Reiserfs, it was a few years ago when I was still dabbling with alternative operating systems. My understanding was that Reiserfs gives Linux much of the functionality that was available in BeOS file system and there were a couple of competitors in the space: ext3, JFS, and XFS.

I was put off at the time because it was a separate patch, so you’d have to download the patch, track down the patch matched your version of the linux kernel source, recompile the kernel, and then install it. Then cross your fingers that your system wouldn’t die a hard death causing the need to reinstall the old kernel.

So there is the arcana of technology, a person that one has heard of, but didn’t pay much attention too.  Then comes the story that Hans Reiser was accused of murdering his wife. The circumstances around the case are truly bizarre. From the eccentric personality of Reiser himself, advocating exposing his children to violent forms of media, to his wife, a doctor, and Russian bride, to his “friend” Sean Sturgeon who was having an affair with Reiser’s wife, an admitted murderer of eight people, bisexual [added for descriptive not pejorative reasons] with a penchant for bondage and sadomasochism, the case is truly bizarre.

The most damning evidence against Reiser is the front passenger seat was recently removed his mother’s Honda CRX, which he had borrowed during the time around when his wife disappeared and was seemingly was trying to hide.

It was fascinating read, but I won’t venture a guess to his guilt or innocence. I don’t think all the twists are over in the case.


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