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July 6, 2007

BBC Reports that Australia ‘has Iraq oil interest’

Filed under: politics — codesmithy @ 7:27 am

The Australian Defense Minister admitted that securing oil supplies is a key factor behind the presence of Australian troops in Iraq.

I wonder when such an admission will be forthcoming from the UK or the USA.

A thing that I’ve always found relatively fascinating is that politics is perpetually about control of the present, with little regard for the future or the past.  Promises of great fortunes in the future are invariably carrots to preserve the status quo in the present.

The current situation in Iraq is ultimately a lie.  A liberal democracy will not arise in Bush’s remaining time in office.  So, the natural questions are: what could realistically happen between now and the time that Bush leaves office?  What is happening with this most precious commodity in Iraq right now?   One possibility is the mission isn’t over until Iraqi Oil is privatized by US firms.  Although, there are others.


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