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July 17, 2007

A Serious Protest For Impeachment and Peace

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There is a meme going around reddit to have a serious protest.

I was inspired by this post but I think it’s extremely important that it’s done right. If millions of Americans turn out in suits across the country, that’ll change some shit forever. If people walking by see “The Only Bush I Trust Is My Own” banners and people in balaklavas (omg ur a revolutionary rebel hero!) they’ll keep walking. If they see a couple hundred people in suits, and it’s happening across the country, that’s front-page news.

The idea is to have a national protest July 29th, 2007, a Sunday. Everybody shows up in their Sunday best, or interview attire, suit, ties, dresses and the exception would be comfortable shoes to march around in. You can come home from church, simply don’t change. Wait around a little bit, change your shoes, get a bottle of water then go out to your city hall around noon and march.

No puppets, no crazy t-shirts, no 9/11 conspiracies, bring the family, just show up and be counted. Educate yourself, so when asked by reporters you can articulately respond. We want to appeal to the “idea” of the mainstream. Most protesters try to be astoundingly creative, and I totally respect that, just not this protest. We want to appeal to people that don’t usually protest; we are the mainstream of the society, the swing voters that make or break your next election.

The problem with the far left, or the far right, is they’ve got no where to go. The far left isn’t going to vote Republican, the far right isn’t going to vote for a Democrat. They might move to third party candidates like Ralph Nader or Pat Buchanan but there they are totally marginalized. But, if we present ourselves as the middle of the road guys, the guys the Democrats and the Republicans clamor for votes from. The votes that could go either way, then they will listen. The goal isn’t to lie, but the mainstream is actually composed of a lot of complexity. The goal isn’t to show the diversity, but rather the solidarity. Put the partisanship aside and find the things we all agree on: human rights, the rule of law, justice, the truth. Here are the things that make our country and government great, and it upsets me to watch them betrayed by our president and congress. Our president because of his impeachable offenses and the congress for not having the courage and moral conviction to hold him accountable.

Here is a brief outline on reasons for impeachment.

  1. George W. Bush’s domestic spying
  2. Negligent Mismanagement as demonstrated by Hurricane Katrina
  3. Criminal Offense of Exposing Valerie Plame
  4. The Global Detention System
  5. Interrogation Techniques at Guantanamo Bay
  6. Lying to Congress about the need for preemptive war in Iraq
  7. The War in Iraq

In subsequent posts, I’ll lay out more information. Please leave a comment if you are interested. I live in the Bay Area (California). Feel free to link, email, blog, whatever, just get the word out.

There is a lot of outrage, let’s start turning it into some action. Not as some highly motivated minority, but as a people, for the future of our democracy and that government of, by, and for the people shall not perish from the earth.

…to say to all of you that apathy isn’t it and that we can do something. Okay, so flower power didn’t work; so what? We start again. – John Lennon


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