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July 21, 2007

The Daily Kos and O’Reilly

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In a talking points memo, Bill O’Reilly compared the Daily Kos to KKK and Neo-Nazi websites. The three examples he sited were: Tony Snow should die from cancer, the Pope is a primate, and Israel deserves to be attacked. Although, I will note that the Crooks and Liars link is wrong, JetBlue did pull their sponsorship of the conference.

From a cursory perusal of the Daily Kos, it is clear that it isn’t a hate site. It is a liberal site to be sure, and it has a lot of user-generated content (comments, diaries, etc.) To be fair, I was somewhat impressed with the overall civility of most of the threads. Even neutral sites, like fark (especially fark), digg, slashdot can have crude comments. Even one the most understood and accepted explanations for typical Internet discourse contains offensive language. Certainly, Bill should have been able to find instances of Godwin’s Law all over the place.

You can see the rationalization process at work as one of the posters takes blame for the Tony Snow remark. Although, it is insightful that he initially downplayed expressed vehemency of his remark. Although, it was obvious the poster was trying to address the problem honestly, and it is possible to see where the poster was coming from. People blame Snow for being two-faced, and a tool for White House propaganda. For example, here is a clip from the Daily Show with Jon Stewart that catches Tony Snow directly contradicting himself. The view is that Tony Snow sold his soul and integrity to be a mouth-piece to this administration, and dislike him for that. Not having sympathy when something admittedly tragic happens to him is understandable and probably being generous. I’m sure if Castro or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad got sick, Bill O’Reilly wouldn’t be the first to send them a get-well card or lament their plight.

On the flip side, would Bill agree not to have Ann Coulter on his program any longer because she has 1) called John Edwards a “f*gg*t” (explicative edited) 2) and wishes he “had been killed in a terrorist assassination plot?” Will Ann show the same regard considering that Elizabeth Edwards also has cancer and she and Elizabeth recently had a spat? I would like to see where Ann falls in the Bill O’Reilly hate-o-meter. Although, I must say I am amused by his fiat declarations that he is not a “hater,” for the same reasons I find Chacaron amusing.

I don’t really want to get into an insult by insult comparison.  But, I don’t think an unbiased person would have reached the same conclusion Bill has about the Daily Kos.

Although, while we are on the subject hating, let’s send some Harry Potter’s way, old testament style. Hmm… I don’t think those kids will be fans of the series.  Well, I am, and I would like to take this moment to express my gratitude to J.K. Rowling for the wonderful books she has written. Said now, just in case I find myself unable to express it later.  I also apologize for thinking you were a guy for so long, but in my defense, I hadn’t read any of the books yet.  J.K. just seemed like a guy’s initials at the time, sorry.


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