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August 4, 2007

Atheism: the 24/7 Belief System

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I came across this video where a man answers a few questions about atheism, ironically named “God bless atheism.”  In case you are like this woman, maybe this woman, or maybe this woman, I think he was exaggerating about the need to go sin at the end.  Although, if you are like one of those women, you probably won’t believe anything I say anyways.

Atheism is a consequence of trying to apply rational thought to the nature of human existence.  Many people claim that since atheism cannot disprove God the more correct view would be agnosticism.  I naturally disagree.  There are many things I cannot disprove.  I can’t disprove that there aren’t mermaids at the depths of the ocean,  I can’t disprove that fossils are the handiwork of the devil, or that the universe wasn’t created by a benevolent magical teapot.  The question is not about what I can disprove, but what evidence is there to support the belief that there is a God?  If there is sufficient evidence that it could go either way, then agnosticism is probably a good course.  However, in my opinion the case is pretty poor, for more information I would suggest reading “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins.

Right or wrong, there are social and political issues to this culture war, and one issue that I see is that fear, patriotism, and religion all counteract rational debate, which undermines a core aspect of the democracy’s wisdom.  It is more disturbing to witness democracy openly gamed through what can only be interpreted as intentional over-breeding.  First of all, this type of exploitation of the commons destroys any sense of egalitarianism in the society.  Secondly, it is disturbing because I highly doubt that the damage can be undone.  What chance is there that these children will come out liberal or even moderate eventually?  I wonder if a sociologist has looked into the issue.  Although, from personal experience, I do not think the odds are that great.  Third, this breeding is not a policy of sustainability, it is a policy of exploitation and expansion, and the logical outcome of its continued pursuit is destruction and calamity.

I’m not saying the world is necessarily going to turn out like “Idiocracy” (the introduction of the movie is probably the best part). I’m just saying that the notion of an independent observable truth has grown weaker (see “The Assault on Reason” by Al Gore) and a coincident and possibly unrelated trend of it is based on breeding and brainwashing children with powerful fearful and ego-based ideologies.

Free-thinking is the basis of the wisdom of democracy, and while not all free-thinkers are atheists, I do feel there is a correlation and atheism is an indicator of free-thinking in American society.   A rough estimation of atheists can be made by the number of people who consider themselves non-religious.  I should be somewhat encouraged that the number had grown  from 1990-2000, although, I wonder how it is trending more recently.


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  1. Chin up, we’ll be secular. Keep the faith.

    Comment by sobiop — August 4, 2007 @ 11:05 am

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