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August 14, 2007

Karl Rove Resigns

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Can’t say I saw this one coming. Here is the press conference.

Keith Olbermann gives his insights into the matter (via Crooks and Liars). The I-want-to-spend-more-time-with-my-family line is as old as the hills and not the primary reason he is leaving. Yes, he is going to write a book lauding the Bush administration. I wonder if he’ll be on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart when he promotes it. I can only wish.

However, the best honest explanations for his departure are

  1. It is a good time, Congress is out of town
  2. With the current Congress, most of Rove’s domestic agendas are still-born anyway
  3. There is going to be some legalese to the effect that Rove doesn’t have to testify before Congress

The other aspect is the upcoming presidential campaign. I don’t think Rove will explicitly join any of the other campaigns, although I think he is going to be a key behind the scenes player leading the attack against the Democratic candidate. The one they have their sights on is Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton has been vilified by the far-right for over a decade. You can witness some of the latest work titled: Hillary Dillary Dumb: A Lying Bag of Scum. This is merely portending some of the attacks that will come if she becomes the Democratic nominee, although I doubt Obama or Edwards would fair much better. It is fair to say, this Presidential race is going to get very nasty, especially with a wedge candidate like Hillary and whatever fear monger (Romney, Fred Thompson, or Giuliani) the Republicans will probably choose to nominate. Although, Ron Paul would be awesome, since there would be actual substance in an American presidential run instead of pure marketing.


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