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August 22, 2007

The Best Op-Ed on the Iraq War to Date

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“The War as We Saw It” is a NY Times Op-Ed written by seven members of 82nd Airborne Division.  The piece demonstrates the challenges and obstacles U.S. policy in the region faces.  It confirms predictions made before the policy was implemented, is consistent with the history of such occupations and best explains data we are currently seeing out of Iraq.  In comparing year-over-year averages, the situation does not look much improved and is still trending upwards.  Did anyone honestly think adding the amount of troops that we did and trying to aligning ourselves with militias with questionable loyalties was a serious change in direction?

This Op-Ed differs in outlook from a “A War We Just Might Win” by Michael O’Hanlon and Kenneth Pollack and the accompanied media blitz.  There is a piece Paul Rieckhoff “Trust Airborne or Brookings Institute?” which does a good job of going over credibility of the two articles.  I recommend checking out the discussion as well to get a sense of the true spectrum of opinion on this matter.  It is also where “oldmole” demonstrates his credentials as a thread warrior.

The most important aspect of this op-ed is that it is for the people, so we know what it going on.  It is very unlikely that it will affect the political leaders of this country.  They will stand behind the O’Hanlon and Pollack pieces and whatever the Petraeus report finds.  The Petraeus report itself is unlikely to find anything that can not be  spun given that it is being written by the White House.  Regardless, there will always be war apologists asking for more time.  This war will not end until enough people are marching on the streets of Washington D.C. demanding it to end.  The 2006 election proves how weak internal change is for the elites that run the country.  We can even look back at the Vietnam war and look what that took.  The leaders have to be pushed externally, and it is up to the people to do it; not through elections, but through protest.


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