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August 26, 2007

Jesus Camp

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I picked up and watched “Jesus Camp: America is Being Born Again.” It follows Evangelical ministries of Becky Fischer and focuses on a few kids, Levi, Rachael and Tory. Mike Papatonio is a radio host that represents a counter-point through-out the documentary.

The most remarkable thing about all the kids is that they are profoundly ordinary. Levi and Rachael have tremendous potential, both are smart and passionate. They’ve just been roped in and encouraged to engage in superstitious belief. At one point, one of them expresses the anti-enlightenment belief that said it was good for Galileo to recant his heliocentrism ideas in the face of pressure from the church.

One can hardly blame the children for the environment of fanaticism they are raised in. However, how can the damage to their world-view ever be undone? If they believe anything that they say is the “Truth” and anything I say is the work of the devil, how can there be any compromise? In fact, that is the property that Fischer’s ministry wants to develop in these kids: to be completely uncompromising.

Is this how egalitarianism destroys itself? By being too permissive of a faction that is actively seeking to destroy it. It is hard for me to imagine that people would abandon reason and go back into the dark. It is especially frightening knowing all the weapons and technology that can now be used.

It is ironic because egalitarianism and the ideas of the enlightenment have given the actors so much, although I am sure that they hardly realize it and frequently condemn it.  From my perspective, it is one thing to curse the geopolitical region that they are in, albeit cathartic, (warning: crude language), it is another to come up with ways to address the problem.

I would highly recommend watching the film to get a better understanding of the problem.


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