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August 28, 2007

Rolling Stone: The Great Iraq Swindle

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Rolling Stone has a great article about the corrupt money grab that is the Iraq reconstruction.  It is nothing really new, but a good summary to get up to speed.  The complicity of executive branch in the matter is unpardonable.  What is clear is that the money isn’t coming back unless criminal charges are brought.  I think we will all be witnesses of the legal joy of the limited liability corporation that will keep any legal action in court for years and make it difficult to recover the money.  I wonder how the judiciary will respond if charges are ever brought given 6 years of virtually unquestioned Bush appointees.  I guess they did find “Scooter” Libby guilty, so there is some hope.

The course of action is still clear: Impeach (Cheney First).  Withdraw from Iraq.  Prosecute these crooks.  How much additional money needs to be swindled, how many more people have to be maimed and killed in this war of lies, before the Democrats do their job.

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  1. […] Money is being wasted.   No one is allowed to say, “mistakes were made.”  No on is allowed to say, “we didn’t know.”  The evidence is there, staring us right in the face.  The only question is whether we heed the warnings and respond to it appropriately. […]

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