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August 30, 2007

The Distraction from World Politics

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I keep forgetting if foreign wars are supposed to keep people distracted from domestic politics, or if domestic politics are supposed to keep people from noticing problems with foreign wars.  Maybe the purpose is cacophony, or maybe chaos and disparate events happening both at home and abroad is just the natural state of the world.

The Larry Craig scandal, I think for everyone’s sake needs to go away.  Larry Craig is guilty, he admitted it.  He is just denying it now, out of the same sexual fetish that got him in the bind to begin with.  He has had these allegations circling about him for nearly 25 years.  I don’t care if he considers himself gay or not, if he touches or gets touched by the member of the same sex for sexual gratification, he falls into a spectrum homosexuality.  He can still switch hit, but he has crossed the objective boundary that people like Fred Phelps will tell him to go to hell for.

The problem that I have with Larry Craig’s behavior is not the homosexual nature of it and calling it hypocrisy is being too kind.  Because, in reality, he is a sociopathic pervert.  Anyone that attempts to conduct sexual acts in a airport restroom receives my ire.  On the most basic level, I might have to use one of those, and a janitor has to clean it up for crying-out-loud.  Get a room.

But for Larry Craig, it is all part of his ego sexual fetish.  His status as an upstanding Republican Senator working for a “Family Values” campaign.  Degrading himself in what he imagines is the most sinful act, with a stranger, in a public area where he might get caught.  Getting caught just allows him to prolong the game, rail against his accusers, defend his former status and secretly know it is all a lie.  I don’t care how much Craig wants to be like Justine in a Marquis de Sade work, but just give it up.

Mr. Craig, I am sure you don’t care, but for once in life step-back and honestly reflect.  Consider other people, especially gay people, as intelligent, talented individuals who have hopes, dreams, aspirations and want to live peacefully, happily, free from persecution, and hate-crimes but have a disposition to be different.  I know you don’t consider yourself  one of them, you just wear their mask when it suits you to become the most disgusting thing you can think of.  Think about how you’ve tried to hurt them, how you’ve denigrated them, just so you could revel in it later.

I’m not asking Craig to atone to for his wrongs, just accept the jig is up, just like the moment he must have had when the police officer arrested him and before he started this crazy notion of trying to protect his former stature.  Everyone except the most blind see through it.  He isn’t fooling anyone but the fools.  Just go away.  There is serious business that needs to be discussed and Mr. Craig, you are a distraction.  For one moment, stop thinking about yourself and have a moment of honest decency.  All it requires is for you to stop making a scene and go away.

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