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September 3, 2007

The End of Suburbia

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On a day that Fox News tells us that the Pentagon has a 3 day plan to destroy Iranian military capability, I thought it appropriate to reiterate what the U.S. is really fighting for: the continuation of cheap energy in the form of oil.  Oil is essential because it is the life-blood of the U.S. military.  The day the oil stops, our military grinds to a halt, and there goes our ability to physically secure oil outside of threats of nuclear strikes.  Obviously, the nuclear stance strategy is precarious at best and fraught with enough problems to genuinely avoid relying on it.

The end of oil as a source of cheap energy also spells doom for the suburban way of life which has been adopted by many Americans after World War 2.  People often remark that they understand why oil prices have jumped, but why did the price of eggs?  The simple reason is that oil is used throughout the industrial food chain.  It is used in making the fertilizers, harvesting the corn, and transporting  the feed and the eggs.  It is not simply a matter oil going up, and having to pay more for gasoline, but rather the cost of everything will go up, including food, clothing, shelter, electricity, and heating.  Prices of services will rise to support because of the greater costs of living.

The two political sides of this conflict are the “loony” left and the religious right.  From the perspective of the right, the “loony” left is perceived as a bunch of out-of-touch urbanite hippies that never shaved and got jobs and in their misguided attempt to protest something or anything found a pseudo-religious cause of anti-establishment corporatism manifest in global warming, environmental, anti-globalization, and sustainability movements which are just facades for a Godless socialist ideology/dogma.  The “loony” left is not serious about war and the threat Islamo-fascism poses, applies biased standards of conduct on our troops and our country, always seeks to “blame America first” for any problem in the world and not giving the United States any credit when it does something right.  Oh, and they might also be gay.  Someone will have to remind me if I left anything out.

Not to be cynical, but I hardly think that there can be much room for compromise in these views.  There is a strong psychological attachment to previous investment, and make no mistake, a vast amount of American wealth has been squandered on suburban pursuits.   This makes a group of individuals likely to lash out at any attempt to curtail their wealth, and the final arbitrator will be the bleak reality of the situation.  Even then, there are likely to be vast conspiracy theories about the reasons for the rising costs.

Ultimately, the George W. Bush historical legacy will be judged in thirty years.  Was Bush able to extend the American suburban utopia for another five years or decade, or will we judge this as a misguided attempt of military overreach when the country should have been following the advice of Carter in the need for energy independence?  Or will it continue to be framed in terms of radical Islamo-fascism, good versus evil?

The honesty of the reflection will be an indicator of how good we are at shedding delusions of leaders.  Regardless, things are about to get local, and there will be a forcing to cause this to happen.  James Howard Kunstler has thought about the issue, so I included them below.  I’m pretty sure the Amish will be unaffected.


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