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September 5, 2007

George Carlin – The Truth About America

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Digg posted the following video:

Although, I like George Carlin as a comedian and I agree with what he is saying: Americans are getting shafted by the elites, I dislike some of the attitudes that he displays.  When it comes to education, he is right, the elites have no real interest in people thinking.  They are more interested in people learning skills and coming to work for them.  And of course, they would like to externalize the cost of training their employees to the rest of society.

However, that isn’t what makes people dumb.  People actively choose to be ignorant.  The government isn’t responsible for making anyone learn, all it can do is provide the facilities to do so.  The cycle of grade inflation is people driven.  The root cause is the culture of entitlement, that showing up is reason enough to get a good grade.  It isn’t the Illuminati keeping people down.  It is the American people resting on their laurels.  The belief that this nation is unquestionably #1, despite the multitude of indicators showing that it isn’t.

However, the real ball and chain is debt.  Mortgaging the future for the instant gratification of now.  Americans are the worst at this.  We have no self-control.  It goes to the reason we are so fat, why we love fad diets, why we love the lottery and other forms of gambling, fall for get-rich-quick-schemes and why we were willing to sell-out our neighbor down the street for that cheaper Chinese hairdryer at Wal-Mart.

So, the elites might be screwing us, but they’ve had awful lot of help.  We were the ones that bent over and pulled down our collective pants.  We are the ones that became so afraid of losing our salad-shooters and taco holders that we let the rule-of-law go down the toilet.  We could restore these powers if the opposing party didn’t think the populace was so stupid that they would turn on them the second another attack came, in spite of the fact that anyone who has listened to what the intelligence community has had to say on the subject understands the policies the executive branch has been pursuing for the last four years has made the country less safe.

So, what George Carlin says is only half true.  It isn’t that we don’t know problems exist.  People were more than happy to clap and agree with him.  The problem is that when it comes down to actually doing something we act like the cowardly sheep we are.   Not every protest has to work.  In fact, it is probably better that it doesn’t, because then the elites would have to use their imagination of what people might try if a few nonsensical ideas were put into action.

However, if history is any guide general strikes are the most effective means of protest.  People have been wrongly imprisoned, beat-up and killed for staging general strikes.  That should give some indication of how afraid people in power are of a general strikes and how effective they are, hell a general strike won the 40-hour work week.  If everyone who was against this war went on general strike, our troops would be home quick.  If everyone who was for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney went on strike, they would be out of office.  The fact that Americans do not put their convictions into action is what allows the system to persist.  The fact that we consistently don’t is the whole truth about America and why democracy is so weak in our country.


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