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September 8, 2007

The Age of Reason: Exposing Fraud

Filed under: culture, media, politics, religion — codesmithy @ 8:59 am

The following video shows a skeptic, James Randi, exposing the fraud of a supposed psychic and faith-healer.

The deeper issue here is superstition, and ultimately religion.  Although, people rarely go so deep to make the connection: that for everything that happens in this universe, there is a natural, not divine explanation.  Events are not miraculous, and only perceived so by their unique preconditions, unintuitive nature or deliberate manipulation, not divine or paranormal intervention.   To the extent that the media turns an uncritical eye to these charlatans is a disservice to us all and displays the extent to which those who claim to inform us will sell out their patrons and hovel them in ignorance for the service of personal profit.


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