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September 11, 2007, the Petraeus Ad, and the Sorry State of the Media and Politics in the U.S.

Filed under: media, politics — codesmithy @ 8:42 am ran this advertisement in the New York Times.  Although, I don’t enjoy “General Betray Us” part of the ad, much like I don’t like Obama being called Osama, the advertisement raises valid points.  Petraeus came to be leading the Army, not because he was the most competent or most qualified, but rather because of his ability to convincingly tow the Bush administration’s line.  Any General unable to do so previously has been fired, thus the we-are-making-progress-but-we-will-probably-need-to-stay-longer evolutionary result.

However, if you look at how CNN covers the ad, they just focus on the spectacle, not the facts.  In fact, most of the points made in the ad seem to be backed up.   Can we really expect better from news agencies run out of entertainment conglomerates?

Although, on a smaller scale, the New York Times website linked to one of my posts “Robert Murray: Sociopath.”  Apparently, I am part of some fringe.  The New Yorks Times implied that it wasn’t necessary to read my post, but rather focus on the title.  However, there was little disagreement on the actual facts.  The New York Times gives much more credence to Murray’s claims than anyone should who has a basic respect for the truth.  But again, they focused on the spectacle and the controversy, not so much the underlying substance, although they did a significantly better job than CNN.

The hawks in congress have been calling for centrists to denounce the ad.  They want us to believe everything Petraeus says, despite the good reasons to take it with a grain of salt.  Please understand, this has been a hawk media onslaught and buildup since the “A War We Just Might Win.”  The various junkets that the Congressmen go on are not meant to give an honest appreciation of the conflict.

The un-neutered GAO report is probably the closest thing the U.S. government will produce in terms of an honest appraisal of the situation.  And, although I won’t go as far as to say that Iran doesn’t pose a threat to U.S. (and we mustn’t downplay our role in forcing them into such a stance), the thing that is clear is that we shouldn’t trust George W. Bush’s administration on the matter.  If Iran needs to be dealt with, impeach Cheney and Bush, and get an honest assessment.  We shouldn’t let a war and fear-mongering President who lead us into one disastrous, ill-conceived war start another.

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