Esoteric Dissertations from a One-Track Mind

September 13, 2007

1,000 Years of Darkness

Filed under: culture, history — codesmithy @ 9:05 am

Carl Sagan explores the library at Alexandria and its downfall. The social environments that allow for affluence in the U.S. and around the world are not the way they are by some default. They are based on principles such as equality, reciprocity, liberalism and reason. In a certain respect, those ideals have never been fully realized in a society.

However, even in their purest forms, there are valid debates on the practical tensions between rational self-interest and social welfare that will never be fully resolved. Instead, history seems to be carried by the charismatic leaders of the day and excesses of the opposing side. However, it is also seems that fate favors the craven and ignorant to kill the noble and enlightened.

We must be defenders of reason and yet also be tempered. We mustn’t be lulled to be so egalitarian to permit the cancer that would destroy the very basis of reason and observable truth spread and go unchallenged.  Lest, we fall once again into the dark.


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