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September 14, 2007

Bush’s Surge Speech

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Bush gave his speech on the Iraq progress report. Here is the most complete video I could find.

Some things are clear. This conflict will be continue as long as Bush is in office. And one he hopes his successor will pick up and follow along in the continuing progress he has made.

Unlike Michael E. O’Hanlon and Kenneth M. Pollack, Rick Rowley did not just go on a dog and pony show put on the military to assess the progress that is being made. Here is an interview with Amy Goodman.

Another key piece of news that happened this week is a Sunni tribal leader that Bush met with during his Iraq stop-over on his way to the APEC summit was assassinated.  The tribes vowed to avenge his death.

The picture Bush tries to paint is so at odds with the way that Iraq is described by credible sources.  The frustrating thing is that a man, so at odds with reality is so cognizant of the political factors in play.  As Jon Stewart put it on September 12th Daily Show, “I get the sense of a man who is very proud of the person he believes himself to be, but he is in fact, the opposite of that person.”  George W. Bush, the Don Quixote president, arguably the worst in American history, a legend in his own mind.  It is ironic, and would be amusing if it were not so tragic for the people caught up in his delusion.  But, from the sacrifice of others, he finds resolve.  Personally, I think he should encourage his daughters to enlist, only then would he begin to gain the proper perspective.  Not as a leader of a nation backed by righteousness, but as a human being living on a spec of cosmic dust.


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