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September 18, 2007

Blackwater U.S.A. Banned From Iraq

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Blackwater U.S.A. is a security company that found itself a recipient of many cost-plus contracts in Iraq to provide security. Jeremy Scahill wrote a book called “Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army.” Apparently, Sherry Wolf felt Scahill was slighted on his April 19, 2007 appearance on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I went back and watched it for the sake of reference. Sherry Wolf seems to be upset that Jon Stewart showed a little bit of skepticism, which seemed justified since Scahill does have a tendency to talk about Blackwater, then the number of contractors in Iraq (which are not all mercenaries) and throw out terms like Praetorian Guard.  I think Stewart has a right to slow him down and call him on his premises.  One cannot expect a bunch of bobble-heads to automatically jump to the cause.  It does require one to make a clear and convincing case.  However, Scahill does have some holes in his argument.  The “why-aren’t-you-panicking-like-I’m-panicking-right-now” aspect of the radical left and the attacking of sympathizers rubs many people (and me) the wrong way.  For goodness sake’s, if one thinks Stewart is bad, go on O’Reilly’s, Hannity’s, or Beck’s show.  Needing to convince a reasonable person with evidence is not a grounds for criticism.  We need thinkers in democracy, not sheep, so don’t expect everyone to take what you say on face-value.

However, Scahill was right.  Companies like Blackwater and privatized security are grounds for concern.  The first reason is accountability.  Accountability is necessary so they don’t run around like thugs.   They other issue is transparency.  It is tougher to uncover these incidents or to know exactly where the money went or how it was spent.

Although, it is apparent that much of the money was wasted.

It seems that the Iraqi government has had enough.  Because of an incident that kill 8 and wounded 13 others, Blackwater has been banned from Iraq.  However, given the players involved, I wonder how much pressure Bush will place on the Iraqi government to let Blackwater stay.

Companies like Blackwater are built out of a particular culture.   Erik Prince grew up in Western Michigan and so did I.  I’ll try to describe the region as best as I can next time, but understanding the impact of Amway and the DeVos family is essential to understanding the nature of why this corruption is taking place.  It is not isolated.  I just so happened to have went to school with this guy.  I believe Prince and Vorce are two products of the same culture.



  1. That Video is unbelievable. I found some more info on Blackwater if anyone is interested.

    Comment by swanny — September 18, 2007 @ 2:20 pm

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