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September 20, 2007

United States of Aristocracy

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If Hillary Clinton becomes the next president of the United States of America, I think it would be appropriate to drop the pretense of a democratic society and officially rechristen the nation to the United States of Aristocracy. It has become obvious to me that the populace has become a slave to brand names. The society is not intellectually curious about the world around us. We consider ourselves exceptional and don’t properly consider alternative outcomes in any aspect of our lives, being American citizens, Christian followers, living in a relatively prosperous nation or how others came to be the way we observe them.

I’m not saying Hillary Clinton would be a bad president, but it is obvious to me that she is a political animal. She is playing all the little tactical political games that make her political opponents dance to the point where she can actually accomplish what she wants to behind the scenes, not on actual debate but merely cheap punditry. This is the exact reason her criticism reside in the narrow lilliputian band of the political spectrum on any of the president’s policies. I’m sure with her in charge much of the corruption of the Iraq reconstruction process will disappear. We’d actually have a competently run government much like the one under her husband. However, just like her husband’s enforcement of the no-fly zone and status quo of the embargo, I’m sure Hillary will follow in the tradition of the “serious” foreign policy establishment and the U.S. won’t see an immediate withdraw from Iraq.

In short, a vote for Hillary continues the status quo. It justifies the world-view that the Republicans and Democrats are still going through the same politicking they’ve always gone through. The fact of the matter, the Republicans have undergone a radical transformation in recent years. The Democratic party is now reluctantly transforming in reaction.

Again, I’m not saying Hillary would do a bad job, I think it will allow the American people to slumber for another four to eight years. However, it does mean that two families will have occupied the presidency for 24 consecutive years. If we include George H. W. Bush’s time as vice-president, we would add eight more to that number.

The most important trend that I think a Clinton nomination and election signals is a drift to towards authoritarianism; the continuing divine-right elitism that exists at the highest levels of political office. I’m not a Leninist. I don’t believe things must get worse before they get better. However, much like her husband, I think Hillary will turn it around, only for another Republican to take office and leave an even bigger mess. What we need is a rebuke of policies of George W. Bush. Hillary does not represent a rebuke, just a shift towards competent and continued execution. However, we’d still be picking from a class of established elites. In that vain, the tyranny that exists today will expand in the long run. It is an American electorate that gives a continued voluntary submission to hereditary authority, which has not place in a functioning democracy.


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