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October 14, 2007

Ralph Nader on Real Time With Bill Maher

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I really have to wonder how the if-we-raise-safety-standards-what-will-we-buy-at-Walmart survives as a meme.  As a consumer, I want a selection of dog food on the store shelves that won’t kill it, or a selection of children’s toys that aren’t poisonous.  It shouldn’t require any research or buyer beware.  But Nader hits the essential point on the head, the reason that hazardous products are making it into the U.S. is because the environment in which they are made is polluted.

His suggestion about how to solve the impediment to progress on bringing the Iraq War to a close by drafting the children of the President and Congressmen brings up a point that I have seen expressed elsewhere.  Disregarding the practicality of the matter,  I personally believe they can serve, the fundamental morality is why should adult off-spring pay for the political views of their parents?  (This doesn’t change the basic moral argument of: if you support the war, then you should serve.)   On the other hand, every soldier that is serving in Iraq is a son or daughter of someone, and you get the distinct feeling that if the President and Congressmen were dealing with sacrifice they are requiring of other people that 1) the post-war situation would have been done much more competently 2) the U.S. would be much closer to leaving right now.  As long as the war remains a sacrifice that other people make, there will always be a certain amount of hypocrisy associated with it.  Even then, I wouldn’t be certain that the sons and daughters of the elites wouldn’t be serving in “Champagne Units.”

So in the end, Nader’s suggestion is good for gaining popular applause, but in reality, would probably do little to actually fix the problem.  The essential problem is that we need people in power to respect the basic value of human life.  Not just the lives of themselves and their family, but everyone, equally.  In this case, the solution isn’t changing the system, it is changing the people running it.


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