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October 16, 2007

The Effects of a Politicized Justice Department

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With the exiting of Alberto Gonzales, the controversy of the firing of U.S. attorneys in the justice department seems to have faded. Despite the fact that they were almost certainly politically motivated . Although, we shouldn’t forget its context in light of new information.

One case is examined in the Time’s article, “Selective Justice in Alabama?” which investigates the prosecution of Former Democratic Alabama Governor Don Siegelman. The gist of it is Lanny Young admitted giving gifts to not only Don Siegelman but also Republicans in the state Jeff Sessions (now a U.S. Senator) and William Pryor Jr. (now a federal judge).

Certainly in Young’s statements about Sessions and Pryor, he did not allege a quid pro quo for his money laundering of their campaigns. And whatever the involvement of their campaigns, Sessions and Pryor both assert they were completely unaware of his confessed chicanery. But the U.S. Attorney’s office chose to prosecute Siegelman in no small measure on the basis of Young’s word and chose not to investigate Sessions and Pryor — or their campaigns — on the basis of that same word.

The New York Times has some more background information on the situation.

Into environment comes ex-CEO of Qwest Joe Nacchio who apparently refused to go along with the governments warrantless wiretapping scheme in direct violation of the FISA act. Nacchio was convicted of 19 counts of insider trading. This was done on the basis that he know the stock was going to go down. His claim is that he expected the stock to go up because he was in negotiations with the NSA for a multi-million contract. However, there was a sticking point and Nacchio refused to go along.

The topic itself is redacted each time it appears in the hundreds of pages of documents, but there is mention of Nacchio believing the request was both inappropriate and illegal, and repeatedly refusing to go along with it.

The NSA contract was awarded in July 2001 to companies other than Qwest.

To be clear about this, George W. Bush has actively stacked the justice department.  There is evidence that this stacked justice department has selectively prosecuted political opponents and has been used as a tool of retribution to ensure collusion between corporate and state power.

Calling it a conspiracy is an insult to the intelligence because it is so badly guised.  The only remarkable aspects are how bold-faced the lie is, how those in power refuse to do anything about it and how opinion makers in the media routinely dismiss or defend it.


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