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October 18, 2007

Meeting Resistance

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Meeting Resistance” is a film by Steve Connors and Molly Bingham and tries to understand the insurgency in Iraq from the insurgent’s perspective.

Crooks and Liars has some more videos about the film.

If democracy stands for anything, it is belief that public opinion matters. In that vein, it is useful to look at the polls out of Iraq. Here are some additional results in pdf form. Here are a few results, I found interesting.

Q30 Thinking about the political action of other people, do you find each of these items to be acceptable or not acceptable?

Acceptable Not acceptable Refuse/don’t know
Attacks on Coalition forces 51% 49%
2004 survey 17% 78% 5%
Attacks on Iraqi government forces 12% 88%

Q38 Who do you blame the most for the violence that is occurring in the country?

The United States/coalition forces 31%
President Bush 9%
The Iraqi government 8%
The Iraqi army 1%
Iraqi police 1%
Sunni militias/leaders 5%
Shiite militias/leaders 6%
Sectarian disputes 8%
Al Qaeda/foreign jihads 18%
Common criminals 6%
Iran 7%
Refused/don’t know

Q54 Do you think that the following countries are or are not actively engaged in encouraging sectarian violence within Iraq?

Yes, actively engaged No, not actively engaged Refuse/don’t know
Syria 66% 34%
Iran 71% 29%
Saudi Arabia 56% 44%

The concerning factors are Iraqis increasingly see the U.S. as the cause the instability in Iraq, are unsatisfied with progress being made on multiple fronts and see practically all outside influence as problematic.  I don’t know if a coherent public policy can be made out of the poll, but trends, particularly the increases in acceptability in attacking coalition forces portends future trouble.


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