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October 22, 2007

The “Good” Republicans

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As Kenneth Miller and Patricia Princehouse point out, it was a Republican appointed judge (Judge Jones) who ruled against Intelligent Design.  Please forgive me for not seeing the Constitution of the United States as a partisan issue.  I used to consider myself a Republican.  Hell, I used to consider myself a conservative.  I’m for rule of law, fiscal responsibility, humble foreign diplomacy, limited government and personal responsibility.  However, I’ve seen the modern Republican party violate each one of those principles.  Rule of law was violated with the Libby commutation, and the current attempt at telecom amnesty.  A humble foreign policy was thrown out with the unjustified invasion of Iraq, and the abuses caused in its wake with Abu Ghraib, Blackwater, and Guantanamo Bay.  Limited government was betrayed by warrantless wiretapping, and suspending habeas corpus.  Personal responsibility is not embodied by this administration because they, themselves, never live up to the standard necessary, such as properly planning for the post-war realities in Iraq, not taking responsibility for intelligence failures, not holding those in the administration (such as those that leaked Valerie Plame’s identity) to account, or to curtail the rampant fraud in the reconstruction of Iraq.

In the meantime, studying the Enron implosion showed the dangers of deregulation and some of the moral hazards that can arise.  Support for environmentalism is based on conservationism.  We need to find a way to live in a sustainable fashion on this planet.  We cannot continue to treat it as an infinite resource and infinite trash can.  I believe in the free market, but I am also aware of the factors that make a market not free.  In that vein, the free market doesn’t work for everything.  It takes work to ensure that a rising tide does actually lift all ships, one can’t just take it as a tenet of faith in a purely theoretical framework then ignore the consequences when it is actually implemented in reality.  Additionally, not all free market solutions produce optimal outcomes, examples include police protection, and fire protection.

In my view, the whole Republican vs. Democrat, left vs. right paradigm is a false dichotomy.  Just because I don’t like George W. Bush doesn’t mean I consider Clinton to be a hero.  But, what I do ask from Republicans like Kenneth Miller, Patricia Princehouse and all the other principled Republicans is to take a good hard look at the Republican party and based on the evidence, does it actually support the positions it says that it does.  I would encourage the same analysis of Democratic party.  It is not all he said, she said, there is an underlying reality to it all.  But, what I think Miller and Princehouse and others will find is that in an objective, impartial analysis, many Republican policies are based on powerful myths not reality, just like Intelligent Design turned out to be.  That isn’t to say that Democrats would fair much better, but I think what one will find in of so called “loony-left” is far more reasonable than the picture that Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh or other right-wing pundits try to paint.  Once this common ground is found, I’m hopeful that real progress can be made in turning this country around.  One way to start is to drop the labels that inaccurately define us.


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