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October 31, 2007

The End of Diplomacy as Symbolized by the U.S. Embassy in Iraq

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I don’t know what one calls the $600 million dollar U.S. embassy that we are building in Iraq. Is it an Imperial Palace, a Mega-Bunker of Baghdad or a transplanted piece of America that has been grafted onto Iraq? Vanity Fair has an article about the facility. This webpage has various pictures of the construction and the extent of the complex.

Despite its on-time and under-budget construction, the complex represents a failure. It represents a failure in purpose and it represents a waste of precious resources. Much like the Roman empire falling to the barbarian hordes, it matters little how high or how deep we build the walls; we have lost the war before the first battle has begun.

American diplomacy and democracy is ideally based on one principle, the ability to form a consensus through mutual agreement. The basis of such agreements were believed to be evidence-based reasoning and a recognition of basic equality between parties. This process leads to compromise and understanding and is the theme behind our justice system and organization of government.

To the extent that we’ve abandoned those principles at home through the lens of blind partisanship, we’ve also abandoned it abroad through nearly unilateral action. Our government imposes its will, but with that elitist bravado comes doubt. A fear, because we know, in our hearts , that such power is illegitimate. The only legitimate power over another man is through their voluntary consent, not their fear.

And so, we build our walled palaces. When, in fact, we should recognize them for what they are: prisons. There will be no understanding that will be developed out of such structures. It is a bubble. It is closed. It is only capable of allowing pre-approved thoughts enter and exit its gates. It literally is not capable or open enough to allow any other possibility.

And so, it will fall. Not because of its design, but because people will see no reason to defend it. They will not see the moral purpose in putting their life on the line for it. It is a symbol. It is a symbol of everything that is wrong about the reconstruction of Iraq and our attempt to impose a democracy that the U.S. would find acceptable in that country: a waste and failure from the outset that will continue until our government recognizes it as such.

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