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November 7, 2007

Drama In the House Over Cheney Impeachment

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Kucinich introduced his privileged resolution in the House of Representatives today.  Democratic leaders tried to table it.  However, in a somewhat surprising move, house Republicans voted to keep the measure alive (presumably to embarrass the Democratic leadership).  The Democratic leadership then moved that the measure should be forwarded to House Judiciary committee, this reduced support from the Democrats from 86 (against tabling the motion) down to 5 (against forwarding the motion to committee).

It is highly doubtful that the articles of impeachment will come out of committee.  Although, there is some hope.  However, when Pelosi says impeachment is off the table, I guess she means it, and will undermine members of her own party in order to ensure it.  Quite simply, this is why I hate the Democratic party.  It is completely transparent what their plan is: send up popular social spending measures (like S-CHIP), if they can, and watch the Republican party strike it down.  They are fighting, but they are playing to lose.  It is attrition.  This is their message to voters: Do you want to end the war?  Do you want more social spending?  Well, elect more Democrats in ’08.

This is why the war will not end.  This is why they will not push impeachment.  Democrats are playing for ’08.  Despite the fact that this President has the highest disapproval rating in historyDespite the fact that they can’t get a straight answer out of what appears to be the next attorney general about whether waterboarding is tortureDespite the fact that 2007 is already the deadliest for the U.S. military in Iraq.  Despite the fact that this President is leading the United States into military confrontation with Iran.

The Democratic leadership needs to stop looking at their petty little political plays, their gossipy beltway culture and get a sense of the big picture.  What is America about?  What are our ideals?  What does our democracy stand for?  Until Democrats, as a party, start standing up for their vision, they may be in charge in  ’08, but they may find what they were fighting for, the soul of country, is no longer there.


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