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November 25, 2007

Howard and Kasparov

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Australia’s Prime Minister, John Howard, was defeated in the country’s 2007 election seeking his fifth term.  The incoming Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, has promised his first acts as PM include ratifying the Kyoto Protocol and to withdraw Australian troops from Iraq.  Glenn Greenwald has more analysis.

President Bush appears to be relatively unfazed by the whole affair.

In Russia, Garry Kasparov former world chess champion, opposition leader, and one of Putin’s harshest critics was arrested and sent to jail for five days.  I can’t read the Russian, but there is video of the protest here (h/t jrf).  Yes, those are Bolshevik flags people are waving at the protest.

I don’t know what Garry Kasparov’s politics are really beyond anti-Putin and pro-democracy.   A clearer picture can be made at “The Other Russia.

Below is Bill Maher embarrassing himself interviewing Kasparov on “Real-Time with Bill Maher.”  I like Maher, but it is one thing to be condescending about a country with a bunch of self-absorbed Americans, and it is quite another to try it with a foreigner from that country who is unquestionably smart.  Kasparov puts Maher in his place a few times during the interview.


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