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December 18, 2007

Dodd Takes Down Retroactive Immunity for Telecoms

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Chris Dodd flew back Washington D.C. from his campaigning in Iowa to filibuster retroactive immunity for telecom companies.

Retroactive immunity is a polite way of saying that there should be no consequences for patent law-breaking as long as one was following orders from the President. A similar line of thinking was a classic Nuremberg defense, and one that was by-in-large patently rejected. Politicians that support retroactive immunity trash the standards and foundation that justice stands on. In this respect, any one who supports retroactive immunity is no better than a thug, an unscrupulous usurper of power, protector of cronies and tarnishes the principle and history of this nation. The actions of today do cast shadows on the past. If we allow the only following orders defense then this country is guilty of mass murder after World War 2. We condemned people to die and threw down righteous denunciations of their actions that continue to this day. However, when push came to shove under much less extraordinary circumstances, there are those who actively try to hide behind the same rationale.

If the President is to believed, failure to update FISA could cost Americans their lives. He has also promised to veto any FISA bill that does not contain retroactive immunity. Therefore, the President is willing to allow Americans to die to protect telecoms from any consequences of their lawbreaking done on his behest. Democrats, like Reid, seem more than willing to help the President in this regard.

The pattern of behavior is clear. The President used carrots and sticks against telecom companies to allow the government to illegally spy on Americans. Now, when the extent of the lawbreaking is starting to be known, the President rushes to protect the telecom industry that so dutifully did what he asked knowing full well of its illegality. Scooter Libby is just another variation on this general theme.

This President is out of control, the best the Democratic leadership seem to be able or willing to muster is a bunch of non-binding oversight and perhaps a strongly worded letter, denunciation, or meaningless, capitulating objection. The President has proven to be the number one domestic enemy to the rule of law and the Constitution, yet the Democratic leadership seems more than willing to go along. They tacitly and often actively support this Presidents efforts to shred the Constitution.

So where were the Democratic front-runners, Senators Clinton and Obama, when it counted: campaigning in Iowa. Is this their idea of leadership? When it was time to stand-up and be counted, they couldn’t be bothered to stop campaigning. However, they were more than happy to offer a meaningless denunciation from afar. How are they qualified to lead the country again?

Thank you Chris Dodd for displaying what true leadership really is.


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