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January 1, 2008

Human, All Too Human: Nietzsche

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Google video has a BBC documentary on Friedrich Nietzsche. He is most famous for phrase “God is dead.” I think the exact meaning was missed by those who promote the humorous but vindictive:

Nietzsche: God is Dead.
God: Nietzsche is Dead.

What Nietzsche was predicting was an existential crisis. Certain discoveries, not the least of which being evolution, challenged the need for a supernatural entity to explain the world. God had been an intellectual underpinning of much philosophical thought. Without God, much of what was previously believed was called into question. This upheaval and void is what Nietzsche was concerned with. Is it possible for humanity to have a transcendental purpose without God?

Nietzsche’s answer is focus inward on the so called super-men. This is a theme in Ayn Rand’s work also, where man’s transcendental purpose is industry. I have my own answer, and it is our collective survival as a species. To transform the species from an unstoppable cancer on the planet to one that is sustainable and can co-exist in perpetuity. Although collective survival seems base to begin with it, in the end it may prove to be the most necessary and challenging task, especially in a world with no hope of supernatural intervention.


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