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January 7, 2008

ABC’s Republican Debate and 1776

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Crooks and Liars has some video of the ABC Republican debate with the candidates talking about Iraq and the “War on Terrorism” generally.  The question, specifically, was about the so-called Bush doctrine: the exclusive right of the United States to wage preemptive wars.

Ron Paul shows why he is an asset to have in the campaign.  He tries to make people understand what is happening on the other end of American foreign policy and how they view our actions.  Romney claimed that by doing so Paul was buying into the enemy propaganda.  To Romney, any attempt to understand the rationale of why people are opposing us in Iraq, in Afghanistan, or why we were attacked beyond they hate us for our freedom and want to establish a caliphate that will rule the entire planet is buying into enemy propaganda.  I think it is fairly easy to tell which one is the propaganda and which one is not.

Dr. Paul was also on Bill Moyers Journal.  I thought it was a good interview.  Even if I don’t agree with Paul on every domestic issue, I do believe it is important to have a right-wing libertarian in the wings questioning power.  I do believe some forms of central planning are necessary in order for the human race to survive the next millennium.  However, even the most well intentioned people can impose tyranny.  All power must be questioned.  It is also most effectively criticized by those who do don’t share the same base assumptions.

This brings me to “1776” by David McCullough.  I’m approximately half-way through, but one thing that has impressed me is McCullough’s portrayal of British leadership.  The British had some sizable advantages and a few faults, not the least of which was a basic lack of intellectual curiosity about their enemy.  Our own history teaches us about the failures that spring from not properly understanding a foe despite having a superior force.


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