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January 29, 2008

Bush’s Final State of the Union

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I don’t really know what you can really say about it.  The reality distortion field around the man is epic.  I considered it particularly ballsy to make reference to “A Charge to Keep.”  Harper’s Magazine has an article that deals with Bush’s vision and irony.  Given what a hit this article was online, I was honestly surprised he wanted to mention it.  However, it seems to be the title of a book about him, so maybe he is trying to improve its sales for life after office.

In all honesty, I don’t care if the Democrats do anything this session in Congress.  OK, so they don’t have the votes for impeachment.  However, I would rather see nothing done than watch Democrats cave to this President’s petulant demands.  Practically everything he is advocating is a policy disaster waiting to happen.  The President constantly and consistently proves his uncompromising nature.  I know some Democrats feel the need to be the adults in this situation, the responsible ones.  However, being responsible in this case is to also be complicit in the President’s crimes.

This President can still do plenty of damage his last months in office.  The success of this Congress will not be judged on what gains they managed secure, but rather what further damage they were able to prevent.

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