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January 31, 2008

The Presidential Field Narrows

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Since last time I talked about the U.S. Presidential race, a number of candidates have dropped out.  On the Republican side, there has been Fred Thompson and Rudy Giuliani.  On the Democratic side, Dennis Kucinich and John Edwards have both ended their bids.  The biggest surprise has been Romney’s largely lackluster performance, I honestly thought he had more of a break out capacity than he has demonstrated.

I must admit, I didn’t think McCain had much of a chance, having written: “Huckabee is strong now, but I expect as other candidates such as McCain, Thompson and Giuliani drop out, Romney will start leading” in the wake of the Iowa Caucus results.  Now it looks like McCain is the most likely candidate to get the nod on the Republican side.  I forgot the Bob Dole in ’96 precedent of the Republicans letting an old Senator that has run numerous times before and has been loyal to the party getting the nod.

Obama still looks like the heir apparent on the Democratic side, at least popularly.  However, Clinton may pull it out in a technicality on account of the super delegates, Keith Olbermann and David Shuster explain.   With Edwards and Kucinich dropping out, these developments seem to help Obama more than Clinton, the real question is whether they will help enough.

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