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February 8, 2008

Chomsky on the Political Spectrum

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Noam Chomsky gives a speech on the political spectrum and realities of modern industrial society.  It is important to note that the War on Terror is the new Cold War.  The goal is to continue to spread Western imperialism.  Islamic fundamentalists do pose a threat, however the threat they present is exaggerated and largely serves as a pretense much like supposed Russian involvement in Vietnam.  It is therefore not surprising that intelligence is kept secret, dissent is intimidated and suppressed, torture is used, and the information turns out to be largely inaccurate.

Torture is used as a coercive mechanism to uncover new plots from the suspected terrorists themselves.  Of course, there is a good chance the plot was bogus. The truth is largely irrelevant because all that is important is a convincing pretext, and torture is capable of providing such an endless supply.

(parts 2,3,4,5,6)

I agree with Chomsky’s argument that some conclusions of Marxist thought flow directly from classical liberal principles applied to the realities of modern industrial society.  Movement conservatives, who claim direct lineage for classical liberal thought, are connected at most superficially.  Movement conservatives pick and choose certain conclusions they wish to draw, deny any relevant changes to circumstances that might invalidate the conclusions, and certainly do not hold the principles of the enlightenment at their base.

Chomsky’s strength as an intellectual and a critic continues to be shown by how logical extrapolations from speeches decades earlier continue to resonate and provide context today.

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