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February 11, 2008

Rolling Stone: The Chicken Doves

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Rolling Stone has an article titled “The Chicken Doves.”  It equates Harry Reid’s and Nancy Pelosi’s political collapse to Neville Chamberlain’s.  Although to be fair, Neville Chamberlain deserves far less blame than Reid and Pelosi.  Chamberlain was trying to stop the break-out of another World War on the faint hope that giving the Sudetenland to Germany would be enough to prevent it.  Chamberlain had miscalculated.  Hitler’s imperial ambitions did not end at the Sudetenland and war was inevitable.   However, appeasement may have been successful in drawing Germany eastward and opening up a new front in the war, which was essential to Germany’s eventual defeat.

Chamberlain worked to prevent a major war from breaking out.  Pelosi and Reid refuse to end a disastrous one that has already begun.  Like Hitler, Bush’s imperial ambitions extend far beyond the few countries the United States is currently occupying.  Bush has let it be known that his goal is to transform the Middle East through regime change.  Bush has stated that he wants to establish democracies.  In practice, what Bush wants are obedient client states in the region.

The nature of the Democratic party’s collapse is their unwillingness to press the issue.  They could have forced compromises by being as obstinate as the remaining Republicans in Congress are the President are.  The Democrats are unwilling to play hard-ball.  So, the killing continues.   We will not have an end to this occupation until those who want to end it, want to do so as badly as those who want to continue the bloodshed.  If the Rolling Stone article shows anything, it is that trying to end this war will be an ongoing struggle, even if a Democratic president comes to power in 2009.


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