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February 13, 2008


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Glenn Greenwald has some analysis on the failure of Dodd/Feingold amendment to strip retroactive immunity from FISA Amendments Act of 2007. 18 Democrats joined the Republican in ensuring the provision stayed in.

Senator State Up for Re-election
Evan Bayh Indiana 2010
Thomas Carper Delaware 2012
Kent Conrad North Dakota 2010
Dianne Feinstein California 2010
Daniel Inouye Hawaii 2010
Tim Johnson South Dakota 2008
Herb Kohl Wisconsin 2012
Mary Landrieu Louisiana 2008
Blanche Lincoln Arkansas 2010
Clair McCaskill Missouri 2012
Barbara Mikulski Maryland 2010
Bill Nelson Florida 2012
Ben Nelson Nebraska 2012
Mark Pryor Arkansas 2008
Jay Rockefeller West Virginia 2008
Ken Salazar Colorado 2010
Debbie Stabenow Michigan 2012
Jim Webb Virginia 2012

Roll call is here.  Hillary Clinton didn’t vote on the measure.

This is more evidence that the D beside the name is just a label.  Yes, Democrats are more likely to defend fundamental principles such as the rule of law, but it in no way guarantees that they will actually fight for them as a whole.  Ironically, it took the 2006 Democratic election victory to enable this affront to occur.

The ray of hope in this mess is Donna Edwards successful primary challenge of Albert Wynn in Maryland’s 4th Congressional District.  Through primary challenges, people can ensure the D next to the name actually means something.  However, nothing will change as long as outrages like this aren’t incorporated into an institutional  memory.  This vote needs to haunt these Senators.

Thankfully, not all is lost yet, although the window is almost shut.  The House passed the RESTORE Act which does not have retroactive immunity.  It is now up to the Senate and House to reconcile their differing bills.  We need House Democrats to stand behind their version.  Firedoglake has an online petition to tell the Democratic representatives to stand-firm.

Make no mistake, the United States is in a massive hole right now.  However, even the birth of this country was tenuous and took struggle to achieve.  It was the people who fought off tyranny and established this new governance.  It will take the people to reform the government and put it more inline with principles upon which this nation was founded.


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