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March 1, 2008

Jonathan Honeign: Animal Abuse Apologist

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Crooks and Liars has video of Jonathan Honeig asserting his right to smash his dog’s head against a brick wall. To start with, that is a straight out lie. Smashing a dog’s head against a wall would definitely fall under animal cruelty. Every state in the union has at least one law forbidding the mistreatment, abuse, ill-treatment or cruelty of animals.

The real problem is the moral framework such an assertion rests upon. Animals are property, therefore any interaction with one’s own property is justified. What about the time when some people were legally property too, does that mean everything the owners did to that human property was justified in Honeign’s view? Moving on.

The larger point is that a right is not something concrete. A legal law is not the same as a law of physics. Dogs getting their heads smashed against the wall isn’t that far from actual treatment of human beings in the history of civilized society.

Vladek explains in “Maus: My Father Bleeds History” on page 108.

That spring, on one day, the Germans took from Srodula to Auschwitz over 1,000 people. Most they took were kids, some only 2 or 3 years. Some kids were screaming and screaming. They couldn’t stop. So the Germans swinged them by the legs against a wall and they never anymore screamed.

To Honeig, morality and rights are things arbitrarily and legalistically defined. It was a rule, written down in some book that he probably hasn’t completely read and follows to a degree when its convenient. Humans have rights. Animals don’t. End of story. Humans have a soul. Animals don’t. End of story. Humans were created in god’s image. Animals were placed here for human benefit. End of story. It is all variation on the same underlying theme. It is therefore completely unsurprising that people of Honeig’s idealogical ilk can revoke basic rights whenever it is convenient on whatever arbitrary criteria they choose, such as not being an American citizen or being a suspected terrorist.

Ultimately, the survival of the human species is going to be determined by how well we deal with reality, not some fantasy we made up like the imaginary borders that we draw. No, our survival depends resolutely on not using our mass industrial capacity and technology in the endeavor to wipe out the human species in the name of power or fantasy either directly through war or indirectly through poisoning. If Honeign’s views are acceptable and we as a society and a species can not see past the illusion of rights and property to see an animal licking our collective face that we recognize has a capacity for joy and suffering as we joke about killing it, we are doomed.


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