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May 7, 2008

Harry Reid’s Bizarre Daily Show Interview

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Harry Reid was on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart for what was atypical interview. Harry Reid is promoting his new book, The Good Fight. If there is any “fight” in Reid, one would be hard-pressed to find it in the interview. Glenn Greenwald dissects one of Reid’s strange comments surrounding Joe Lieberman’s voting record.

Joe Lieberman has already endorsed Republican candidate John McCain and is said to be close to attending the Republican National Convention serving him up to play the role Zell Miller played in the 2004 election. Lieberman is one of the most extreme hawks looking to strike Iran and an ardent supporter of expansionist Israeli policies in the Middle East. As Greenwald also points out, Lieberman is also a supporter of some of the most extreme assertions of executive authority and privilege.

Reid’s failure is in his insistence to get things done. The Democrats were brought to power, not to get things done, but to stop what the government was doing. Stop torturing. Stop spying on Americans. Stop the War. The great power of the Senate and the House is not in its ability to get things done, but rather its ability to obstruct. This is the precise reason Congress was given the power of the purse. The fact of the matter is the Democrats have all the power they need to end the war and bring this unlawful presidency to account. They don’t because Democrats won’t “fight.” In fact, the only fight Reid has is towards his own party and his own base as was highlighted in the whole Telecom immunity debacle.

Book promotion is actually a good time to interact with people like Reid. Firedoglake is hosting a book salon May 10th, 2008 at 5:00 pm EST. I don’t really think Harry Reid actually knows what he was getting into when he signed up. However, now we have two hours of Reid’s undivided attention. So, you can ask him questions about his Bush enabling leadership, strange Lieberman comments and even his low-key interview. Reid is a human being, and now is a good time to get him to personally respond to your concerns.

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