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May 9, 2008

John McCain Repeats “The Big Lie”

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McCain was on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. The first thing to know about McCain is that he is an affable guy. For many people, it will be hard to reconcile the likable person and the brutal policies that he advocates. However, any sense of justice or empathy must consider the point of view of the victims, not the perpetrators.

From the interview with McCain, it is clear he is a candidate of endless war. First, he misrepresents the criticism of the 100 years comment. For him, the argument was on narrow grounds. The 100 years was qualified with reductions of violence. If the violence towards our troops is more severe, than lets say Japan, Europe or South Korea, then McCain assures us that he will stay to finish the job, as long as it takes, for an amount of time he leaves unspecified. However, he certainly believes it will be less than 100, but he opposes any timetable.

Therefore, McCain sees no relationship with military bases and foreign policy in the Middle East. He makes that clear by repeating “the big lie,” that the people we are fighting are some monolithic whole opposed to the concepts of a liberal democracy for inscrutable reasons. In McCain’s world, there is no relationship between the military bases built in the Middle East, America’s unconditional support for Israel’s expansionist policies, America’s heavy-handed and largely indiscriminate style of warfare, America’s use of torture, secret prisons and abject failure to respect even basic human rights, America’s continued backing of brutal regimes and historical interference in the few democratically elected government and movements in the region, America’s state of being a military occupier in Iraq, combined with the vast cultural and religious chasm that exists between our troops and the citizens in Iraq and the violence we face there. McCain knows Hamas doesn’t want him as president, because he is for more bombing, more bases, unconditional support for Israel, more “enhanced interrogation.” In McCain’s world, it is as simple as asserting “stop the bullshit.”

One of the things I would do if I were President would be to sit the Shiites and the Sunnis down and say, “Stop the bullshit.”

If they don’t, then we bomb them until they do.  Obama, on the other-hand, is who Hamas would vote for.

I have to ask: really, over Nader?  Over Róger Calero, who is from my understanding the Socialist Workers Party candidate?  Obama.  How much does Hamas know about our election?  Maybe Hamas is screwing with McCain’s head.  Maybe they want an American president who is just like George W. Bush to solidify their base and aid recruitment.  Of course, the whole line of reasoning is absurd.  Who cares what would or would not make Hamas happy?  Our interests are independent of theirs, and our policy should not be as petty as to pick the candidate that promises to beat them up the most.  It is frankly insulting for McCain to bring it up.  More importantly, how in the hell does he know in the first place?  Which is the exactly the point.  McCain comes out against negative campaigning.  Yet, he refuses to repudiate and in fact, tries to justify one of the most fact-free and stupidest smears against the leading contender.

Is there anything this man does that is capable of being independently evaluated by the mainstream media?  Or will mainstream journalists just dutifully salute what ever he sends up the flagpole?

Make no mistake, McCain would be a dangerous president and would guarantee at least four more years of war with a very real possibility of an expansion into Iran or Syria.  His supposed strong suit, foreign policy, is something he consistently demonstrates functional ignorance in.  Why hasn’t he been completely discredited yet?

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