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May 19, 2008

When Straight-Talk Goes Crooked

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The above video paints McCain as a say-anything-do-anything politician (which he is). However, the most disconcerting thing about McCain is his policy towards war. He honestly believes Vietnam was “winnable” (what ever that means). He has indicated what his approach will be towards Iraq and the Middle East general: we stay and we bomb more. If Iraq doesn’t well, then he will expand the theater to Iran and we’ll bomb them. With McCain as president, the possibility of a conflagration that engulfs the entire region is very real. In the meantime, his expressed domestic policies are inline with what George W. Bush has been pursuing for the last 7 years. A vote for McCain is a vote for another term of George W. Bush’s disastrous policies with one significant difference: we can expect less restraint in terms of Iraqi civilian causalities.

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