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May 23, 2008

McCain News Redux Part Deux

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The first item is that McCain got around to repudiating Pastor Hagee. Proving once again, nothing is more toxic in American politics than the ghost of Adolph Hitler. Hagee made it appear as if the dissolution was mutual. McCain also got around severing ties with Rod Parsley. The preacher who said it was the historical mission of the United States to destroy Islam.

The central point here is that it isn’t like these pastors views were unknown. The views of both these pastors were clear long before McCain specifically sought their endorsement. Either McCain is a horrible judge of character, he secretly holds the views of these pastors and welcomes their endorsement, or a complete shill and cynic running for president, completely willing to say anything or do anything to win. Regardless of the answer, this episode demonstrates further why McCain is completely unfit to be president.

The second item was McCain was on the Ellen DeGeneres show. Ms. DeGeneres challenged McCain on his stance towards California ruling which determined same-sex couples have the same rights as heterosexual couples, including the right to enter into civil unions or marriage. In the end, McCain pulled the we’ll-just-have-to-agree-to-disagree card. That is right, McCain said that he thought it was right to discriminate against same-sex couples, although he demonstrated he didn’t have the cojones to say it to her face. McCain’s history of opposing same-sex unions is documented on the Think Progress page.

The third item is that the new GI Bill was attached to the war funding bill. It passed by an overwhelming majority 77-22. McCain was opposed to the GI Bill and offered an alternative. Subsequently, he didn’t bother showing up for the vote. It really shows his commitment to supporting the troops.

The final item is that McCain is supposed to release 400 pages of medical records on Friday. Left off the list to see the records, the New York Times. Yup, McCain isn’t above the same access bull the White House currently employs.

Bonus item: McCain demonstrates his ignorance of Iranian government. The pure racket of it all is that he references the demonizing of Ahmadinejad as evidence of his rectitude.  Why are people seriously considering this man as a candidate to be president?


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