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June 2, 2008

111 Countries Agree to Ban Cluster Munitions

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111 countries formally agreed to ban the use of cluster munitions. What distinguishes cluster munitions is that they disperse bomblets. These bomblets are dispersed over a large area. Predictably, some of these bomblets fail to explode initially, waiting to injure, maim, and possibly kill people in the future.

Among the countries not signing the agreement are the United States, Pakistan, China, Russia, Israel, and India. The United States officially boycotted the talks but is said to have worked behind the scenes to ensure a clause was added so that signatories were allowed to have non-signatories as allies.

The accord’s impact has been softened by a clause, known as Article 21, that allows troops of a signatory state to cooperate with an ally using the weapons, such as the United States.

Human rights watch produced a short piece about cluster munitions:

In the larger scheme of things, the United States, China, India, Pakistan, and Russia also failed to adopt a measure to ban anti-personnel mines.   The obvious question is whether the United States even tries to attain the moral high-ground in international affairs.  Evidence points to the contrary though.

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