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June 10, 2008

Kucinich Submits 35 Articles of Impeachment

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Dennis Kucinich presented 35 articles of impeachment last night.  Yup, Democracy Now and blogs are about the only places where you are going to see it covered.  Over at the Daily Kos, they have a short summary of all the articles.  It is worth noting each article is an impeachable offense and each was well documented.

Democratic leadership still considers impeachment off the table.  This has to be the most politically feckless position imaginable.   Imagine, a political party unwilling to engage in a debate about how horrible the opposition party is.  Republican equate Democrats to Nazi appeasers.  The best the Democrats come back with is if we are Nazi appeasers than so are you (see Secretary of Defense Gates).

Even if an impeachment resolution doesn’t go anywhere, one would think Democrats would see the advantage to be had to remind the American people of how horrible the current Republican president has been, and to remind the American people of all the things that made him unpopular to begin with, certainly Kucinich reminded me of a few offenses I might had previously forgotten.

Democrats have control of congress.  They do have some ability to control the topic of debate.  Yet, they refuse to use the power which they have vested, whereas the president uses all of his power and usurped a few powers he doesn’t actually have.  In response, the Democratic leadership does nothing and can do nothing.  We are in the midst of a constitutional crisis, except that one side decided not to play, decided not to use the only they had to contain a destructive presidency: impeachment.  The constitutional government has failed and there were two parts to the failure: a presidency that usurped the power and a congress unwilling to check the power of the executive using the only effective means they had.  As is stand, the legacy of George W. Bush will pass without an official word of condemnation.  A guarantee that there will be more presidents like George W. Bush to come.


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