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July 14, 2008

The One-Sided Class War

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Ian Welsh has a post over at firedoglake called “There Was a Class War.  The Rich Won It.” The productivity and wages graph is the most significant.  If you read Milton Friedman that departure between productivity and wages is sort of puzzling.  Obviously, if someone is producing more wealth, they should share in the profits.  It is the sensibility that a rising tide lifts all ships.  Then, what the hell?  Why didn’t this rising tide lift all ships.

One isn’t going to find the answer out from Friedman.  One would need to look at a work like Capital by Karl Marx to find a decent explanation for why this occurs.  Don’t expect to hear it from the corporate owned media, or in the classroom.   But, let’s face it, having an anti-intellectual, functionally illiterate, easily distracted, indoctrinated majority does have its advantages.  In this scenario, why wouldn’t the rich do everything to wield the power of government to their advantage?  Why wouldn’t they engage in a propaganda war in order to convince the masses that everything is alright, and those who complain are just whiners?  It has all worked out for Reagan, Helms, Snow, Russert, etc.  Mission Accomplished.  The debt and the trade deficit, it isn’t their problem.  When are the working-classes going to wake up and realize they are holding the bag?


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