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August 13, 2008

Sanity Prevails in Federal Court

Filed under: Education, religion, science — codesmithy @ 11:30 am

U.S. District Judge James Otero ruled that the California university system can deny course credit from schools that use textbooks that declare the Bible is inerrant and reject evolution.  It is rather typical that the plaintiffs in the case would claim discrimination.  The ruling is not about religious freedom, but rather applying the same standard to all applicants.  This standard is necessarily secular because it is based on evidence we can all agree upon.

Religion, by its very nature, is based on credulity not skepticism.  Religion may satisfy certain human psychological needs but that is irrelevant to whether or not it is actually true.  The fact that religion plays off those needs means it should rationally be examined more critically, not less.  Any thing that promises eternal bliss or suffering should be examined under the most profound scrutiny.

As such, science, with its relentless skepticism, erodes religion.  The solution that the fundamentalists have stumbled upon is further indoctrination, manufactured disinformation, and ignorance.  What they seek from the rest of society is accommodation for their agenda.

I would like to believe that the cases are frivolous; their outcomes clear from the outset.  However, history shows such unconditional belief in the court system to be misplaced, which is why it is refreshing to see the system actually work.


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