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June 24, 2007

Sublime (Raw Feed): Tangental Review

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I watched Sublime. The film was OK in and of itself. I wanted to like it more than I did, but the script had all the subtly of a sledgehammer. Some subtly and tact is required to be a thinking-man’s horror movie which it had a pretense of being (see “The Filmmakers’ POV” by Erik Jendersen, who was the writer for the film). It literally had just enough political edge to it to piss everyone off. The liberals for the babble of how they are really afraid of the world. Conservatives for suggesting that a persistent-vegetative state might be a living mental hell. George Grieves fears are so cookie-cutter in some ways, the character ends up feeling wooden (how is that for mixing metaphors?). Although, it could merely be that the fears themselves were not properly developed, which is the typical problem with B budget movies: great ideas ruined by awful execution, often caused by taking too much for granted.

Here is the trailer for the film.

Now, I happened to like the music in the trailer quite a bit. Unfortunately, I had a hard-time tracking it down. When I actually rented the film it was relatively easy since all I had to do was watch the credits. Although, before I rented it, I tried my usual scheme for tracking down songs that I only know a piece of. It failed miserably in this particular case. One, it is hard to make out the actual lyrics with the dialog going. As it turned out, I couldn’t discern the right lyrics, although even if I had, it wouldn’t have helped me, since they don’t seem to be posted online (at least, to a place where google will find them). Sublime, is unfortunately, also the name of a popular band which polluted the results using the actual name of the film. The CD that the songs are actually on isn’t called the “sublime soundtrack.” So after hours of searching online, I had little help. After I watched the film, it gave me the essential information: “Bird York.” The music in the trailer actually turns out to be two songs, but the majority of it is “Go With It” by Bird York on the album “Go With It – songs from Sublime.” As for an additional bit of trivia, Bird York is also known as Kathleen York, who plays Jennifer Grieves in the film (George Grieves’ Wife).

I guess I need to add “songs from X” or “music from X” when searching.


80’s vs. 90’s in Music Videos

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Fark ran a thread in which people argued over which decade had the better music videos.

Posts were made to links on YouTube, although I find the legality of some of the videos uploaded dubious. A couple kept on coming up as definitive of the era, which makes the point about collective intelligence. The thread on Fark seems to know much more about music videos and where to find them on YouTube than any individual would have been capable of.

I find the actual debate sort of pointless, because it comes down to taste. It is equivalent to arguing over which color is better (red or green) or which fictional characters would win in a fight.

Regardless, I tried to trim down some of the entries to give a list that I found interesting and represented the spirit of the thread. The best criteria I could come up with is that the video had to have been agreed to by two separate people. Artists tend to have similar videos, so one representative was chosen and others were discarded. My preferences crept in no doubt, so feel free to skim the thread yourself.



And although 00’s video’s should have been off-limits, a few were brought in


A few didn’t make the cut for one reason or another, but they fit my tastes:

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