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Comments (A Policy)

Simply put, I don’t have the time or the energy to moderate a debate. I put the time and effort I wish to expend on this blog simply by writing posts. I believe that you can never truly appreciate a product of labor or feat unless you try to do it yourself. For example, you can’t not truly appreciate a work of art without at least trying to draw. You can’t appreciate music unless you try to play a musical instrument. You can’t appreciate a good book unless you are willing to write.

This blog is an attempt to bring into balance the consumption and production of thought; to try to explain aspects of the world that I find interesting with the rational intellect to which I was endowed. In the course of my thinking about the world, I have rejected some cultural norms. I have become an Atheist, despite being raised a Christian. I refrain from eating meat that comes from agricultural food chains. I have no problem with homosexual couples enjoying some of the same rights and privileges as heterosexual couples. Do these aspects make me a liberal, or conservative? A patriot or a traitor? It depends on your perspective. I hate the categories, and from my perspective: I am me and A is A. It would be more accurate to call it neo-objectivism (if that isn’t already taken) or farflarism than any existing label. Any creed according to any particular expressed view is impossible, because they are subject to change as new evidence is uncovered.

Therefore, the standard that I hold the comments on this blog to is the following: they must be products of rational thought. If they reject some premise or conclusion, it is not simply enough to state your rejection. It must be shown that the premise is superior by some rational standard or conclusion more consistent with the premises. I’m not here to debate how many angels can dance on the head of a pin or any metaphysical, mystical, gobbledygook that people choose to believe.

If you wish to claim that most minimum wage earners are teenagers, then you have to explain why “60% of Americans on minimum wage are 20 and above” is inaccurate and it must be proved through rational means.

In short, I’m not doing this to make anyone believe anything in particular that I believe. I want people to think and draw their own conclusions, because a rational conviction is the only one that I will respect. So, leave a comment if you wish, but it must add something meaningful as judged by me. If you want to argue politics through rhetoric and talking points, I suggest that you go somewhere else.

The mode of discourse that I would like to take is more like letters than the typical sniping (or trolling) that happens back and forth on the Internet. This discourse isn’t facilitated very well through comments, so feel free to just insert a link elsewhere, possibly to a blog with your thoughts on the given matter.

The goal is to give you some food for thought. So, in conclusion, I hope you enjoy reading the posts and I hope they give you something to think about or enlighten you in some way. If you leave a comment, I expect it to do the same for me. I do approve every comment before it is posted. There is a restricted amount of time that I spend on the site, so don’t expect your comment to show up right way. However, rest assured, I will get to it. If you honestly follow the guidelines and spirit, I will not delete it or edit your comment, even if it doesn’t show me in a positive light. I look forward to the interesting things you have to say.

Please leave a real email address also. Otherwise, I will suspect that the poster is not interested in conversation and education, and the comment may be deleted.

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