Esoteric Dissertations from a One-Track Mind

One-Track Mind?

Some people find this website because they are searching for answers about what is a “One-Track Mind?” A “One-Track Mind” is one that tends to intensely focus on one problem at a time. A “One-Track Minded” person is not a multi-tasker, they tend to focus on one problem, then the next, then the next, etc.

Do I actually have a “One-Track Mind?” The honest answer is probably: “no.” I have pursued certain goals to the detriment of others in my life. However, I am actually capable of multitasking. Multitasking is not my preferred method of tackling problems, because I like doing a good job, and frequently doing a good job means not being interrupted.

Then, why do I say I have a One-Track Mind? Because, I have pursued certain goals to the detriments of others. Although, calling myself a One-Track Mind takes some artistic license. Nevertheless, I liked how it fit in with “Esoteric Dissertations.” In retrospect “Esoteric Dissertations” by itself is probably a better, shorter title, but concision of my ideas for bite-sized consumption is not something that I am striving for. Part of it is a time constraint, as Blaise Pascal once wrote: “I have made this longer, because I have not had the time to make it shorter.” Secondly, I recognize that some of what I say is not in the mainstream, so it takes additional explanation. I would rather err on the side of too much information rather than too little. I don’t write this blog for people I agree with, I write it for people I disagree with. Although, I tend to get more annoyed with the latter.

To my horror, after I chose the name I discovered there was a popular blog called “A Girl With A One-Track Mind,” which is a diary of her sex-capades. Which is possibly another reason I should have preferred just “Esoteric Dissertations.” But, for better or for worse, I tacked on “from a One-Track Mind.” So, call me a romantic of the English language and a fan of subtle irony, or just codesmithy if you prefer.

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