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January 26, 2008

Dan Savage in South Carolina

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On Real Time with Bill Maher, they had a segment where Dan Savage, an advice columnist, talks with some Mike Huckabee supporters in South Carolina.  Dan Savage is gay.  He seems to have pleasant, if not awkward conversations with the supporters.

What I like about what Dan Savage’s approach is that he isn’t confrontational.  He is just putting a human face to “lifestyle” people find so detrimental, sinful, and harmful.  He also manages to get them to think about their position a little bit.  It is easy to hate a person or group of people that you know next to nothing about.  It is quite another to have a pleasant conversation with a person and then realize the effects of what you are advocating will have on their life.  One can only hope the next time they lament the evils of the gay lifestyle, they will remember that conversation they had with Dan Savage.

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