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May 24, 2008

Castro and McCain Trade Barbs

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Fidel Castro wrote a column called “Martí’s inmortal ideas” in which Castro criticizes McCain and George W. Bush.

In his book The Faith of My Fathers, McCain confessed that he was one of the five bottom students in his cohort at West Point. He is demonstrating that. At the end of his time in prison he was weak, and he acknowledges that as well. He launched innumerable bombs on the Vietnamese people. How many lives and how much money did that adventure cost? At that time gold was worth $35 and they squandered $500 billion in that war. The consequences are still being paid. A Troy ounce is now worth $1,000 and once again hundreds of billions are being squandered in wars. New and complex problems are compounding that.

What first got me interested in this story was to find out if Castro actually said “West Point.” As a point of historical accuracy, John McCain did not attend West Point; he attended the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis. Apparently, Castro got it wrong although the article itself is interesting in its own right.

McCain drew recent ire from Castro for repeating his claim that Cubans helped the North Vietnamese torture US POWs. A charge that Castro calls a lie.

Later, McCain expressed his hope that Castro would “ha[ve] the opportunity to meet Karl Marx very soon.”

I just find it interesting that Castro finds the time to read “The Faith of My Fathers” and “Bush on the Couch.”  The Gallup poll Castro is referencing can be found here.

I imagine McCain will take Castro’s condemnation as some sort of ringing endorsement without ever addressing the substance.  If McCain holds Castro to the standard that:

For me to respond to Fidel Castro who has oppressed and repressed his people and who is one of the most brutal dictators on Earth, for me to dignify any comments he might make is certainly beneath me

Then we must also examine Castro’s charges that:

Neither of the two speakers [Bush or McCain] on May 20 and 21st even mentioned the five Cuban anti-terrorist heroes, whose information made it possible to uncover the plots of Luis Posada Carriles and to prevent the sabotage of airplanes in full flight with foreign visitors on board, including U.S. citizens, in order to damage tourism. They pressured and bribed the president of Panama and helped to secure Posada’s release. Santiago Alvarez transported him to Florida. I publicly denounced that almost immediately. Everything has been proven. After that an enormous weapons arsenal was seized from Santiago Alvarez himself.

Or his charge that both McCain and Bush are ignoring the brutality of the U.S. imposed embargo.

As for the siege of hunger and blockade that has lasted for decades, not a word.

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