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June 14, 2008

Reuters Falls for Water-Powered Car Hoax

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I used to think reporters were college educated. The critical by-product of that education was a supposed ability to examine the world critically. A recognition of the fact that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. A sensibility that if someone does something completely unheard of, it is worth consulting some experts in the field to see what they have to say about it.

These expectations are lowered when it comes to local broadcasts. I can understand that there might be a lack of talent in certain sections of the country where there are, nevertheless, television stations. That does not stop me from criticizing those stations, but I can understand the lack of rigor to a certain degree. However, when those same tendencies are demonstrable in a wire service, it surely demonstrates the intellectual depravity that exists in institutions that purport to be authoritative news sources.

Without further ado, here is yet another water-powered car hoax reported unquestioned by Michelle Carlile-Alkhouri for Reuters. One can compare and contrast the reporting here to reporting displayed in “Energy Ignorance: Making Saltwater Burn.” There are additional claims of different water-powered vehicles in the comments. If Michelle Carlile-Alkhouri had even a passing understanding of thermodynamics, she would recognize the fundamental issue to making a water-powered car work: where is the lower energy product? For conventional vehicles it is apparent with products like carbon dioxide. If the process is chemical as Kiyoshi Hirasawa, CEO of Genepax, claims then there needs to be a lower energy product somewhere. It can’t be the water, because that is also an input. Hydrogen and oxygen are higher energy products, so they aren’t it. My guess is that it is the “generator” which one will find connected to a battery. The lower energy product will be inside the battery. That is your energy source, not the Rube Goldberg contraption they set up to delude and mystify.

But, it is worth noting this is how the news reports the unequivocally, provably false. What hope is there for issues that aren’t so cut and dry?

Michelle Carlile-Alkhouri and other people responsible for this “report” let this propaganda go unchallenged. This would be an embarrassment if printed in a middle school newspaper, let alone a wire-service story that is capable of being repeated in numerous outlets. To the extent that the media turns an uncritical eye to these charlatans is a disservice to us all and displays the degree to which those who claim to inform us will sell out their patrons and hovel them in ignorance in service to personal profit.


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